Welcome to Charlotte Berwind Fine Foods

...where we expertly design, plan, cater and coordinate your worry-free wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, corporate event or birthday celebration. With Chef Berwind and her gracious staff at your service, you'll be every bit as relaxed as your pampered guests.

We bring to your table only the finest florists, bakers, suppliers of linens, china, silver, tents and other party necessities. Will you choose a classic or casual theme? Black tie or bandanna? Is your party to take place in your mansion, your backyard, or a midtown museum? With our years of delighting clients, Charlotte Berwind Fine Foods will transform your dream into the event you can only begin to envision.

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Your Party, Your Spirit

The party we plan together will reflect your spirit and honor what you hold most dear in your family and cultural heritage. At the heart of every culture is a tradition of joyful abundance. At Charlotte Berwind Fine Foods, joyful abundance is exactly the feeling we create. It's the look on your guests' faces when there seems to be no end to the tantalizing appetizers and desserts you offer. When the classically traditional meets the surprising and the unique, that's when we're at our best and you know you're in the right hands.

You're in Luck When Your Caterer Is a Chef

When it comes to the all-important subject of food, this caterer knows what to look for when she hires chefs.  She is one, which cannot be said of all caterers. An honored graduate of the Culinary Institute at Hyde Park, New York, Charlotte Berwind was the winner of the prestigious Schieffelin Award for Outstanding Achievement. She went on to cook for four-star hotels and restaurants around the United States. Chef Berwind was chosen by one of the most demanding divas, Diana Ross, to be her private chef, and later was awarded an apprenticeship with French Chef Robert Rennaud at his three-star bistro on New York's Upper East Side. After happily finding her niche in the area of catering and event-planning, she established Charlotte Berwind Fine Foods. 

The company serves New York, City and State, Westchester, surrounding counties, and Connecticut. 

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A Word from a Satisfied Client

"Chef Berwind has a personality to match her food: creative, robust, generous and utterly delightful. Why is that important? Because events can be stressful, and finding someone superbly professional and warmly supportive by your side is rare. A whole staff of them is even harder to find. Chef Berwind's way of working saves time and money.

"If Charlotte Berwind were not a genius at what she does, I'd say hire her for her great laugh and her extraordinary presence alone. Even while she's meeting your deadlines and handling your function beautifully, her grace and her sense of humor tend to relax even the most uptight hosts and guests.

"Your Charlotte Berwind Fine Foods event will be elegant, if that's called for, or energetically casual, if that's correct. But it will never, ever be boring!"

- P.G. Horan, Creative Director, Executive Issues, NY, NY and Closter, New Jersey