Testimonials: Ethnic

I have known Charlotte Berwind for three years and have attended many parties that she has catered. Every party is elegant and tasteful; her wait staff is always professional and courteous, not to mention that she serves the best-tasting food. It was not until it was my turn to hire Charlotte that I realized what she could really achieve for our party. We gave her quite a a challenge for our affair, as we wanted very specific ethnic food. She not only created the most delicious food, as well as a marvelous presentation, she carried the theme throughout the party including her serving table decorations (which I am sure were not that easy to find). It was truly incredible! I guess the highest compliments the guests paid to her (and to me) were when they literally took the serving trays off of the buffet tables and brought them back to their seats! They just couldn't get enough of this wonderful food.

I have recommended Charlotte to many people and every single one of them has not only loved working with Charlotte, but they have thanked me for introducing them to her. You are not just working with a caterer, you are dealing with a genuine, honest, wonderful human being who will add a great deal of dimension to any affair that you have in mind. One thing that I always say about Charlotte is, "She loves to throw a party," and it shows.

Ronnie W. Thompson
South Salem, NY